What is a Micro Website and How Does It Help B2B Companies?

Lighthouses are a phenomenal example of how something small can make a big impact. You may have heard of micro websites (a.k.a. microsites), but aren't really sure how a small website could be beneficial for your company. Read on to learn about what a micro website is and how it helps B2B companies? 

microsite or a minisite is a separate page of a website that highlights specific topics related to the company or its events. They consist of keyword-rich content that highly targets a precise audience, and they help boost brand awareness. Microsites can also be used for promotions about events or product development that can be updated and changed when appropriate. 

A microsite concentrates on a narrow topic or issue, featuring rich content developed by the sponsoring brand itself. Correctly executed, the microsite creates a gathering place that positions the brand as a contributing member of the community.
— Content Marketing Institute

There are several ways in which a microsite can help B2B companies

  • Improve search engine optimization. Your main website can't possibly highlight your proficiency in every aspect of your business. Creating microsites for all of your business lines helps solidify your expertise in each area. This is most helpful for search engine optimization, because it will ensure that niche companies don't grab the top spots. They also allow more freedom of development than main websites that must adhere to strict internal policies. 

  • Allow you to experiment with new targets. A company's main website is going to have a very specific target audience. Microsites allow a company to try different marketing techniques that might appeal to a new audience, without making permanent changes to the main website that would be a turn off to the current audience. 

  • Offer in-depth information. Microsites offer in-depth information that can't be offered on a website for a company with a broad range of products and services. They allow you to highlight specific products and services and deliver valuable content to your audience. 

  • Allow you to target specific locations. Companies that serve many different locations can increase their local search results with Google by creating location-specific microsites. One should be created for each field office, describing in detail the services they offer and the areas they serve. 

A microsite that is developed with highly valuable information can help companies dominate search engines and bring in loads of new leads that might otherwise go to competitors. Still not sure what exactly your microsite should offer? Check out some of these great examples:

  • Out-law.com: UK law firm Pinsent Masons offers over 10,000 educational articles on legal issues, and requires two full-time employees to handle the site. 
  • CMO.com: Adobe offers valuable news to marketing executives and unique interviews with those in the industry. 
  • RSNA.gehealthcare.com: GE Healthcare's RSNA microsite offers healthcare professionals a newsroom, gallery, and videos. 

Statistics from Sensible Marketing show that providing valuable information to the audience is a key component of any marketing strategy. Their statistics show that 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, and 47% find microsites a useful marketing tactic.

Microsites give your audience a unique experience, and an in-depth view of your company. They can help establish your expertise in different areas, and offer your clients valuable information. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding microsites.