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"Distinct or Extinct," Why Investing In A Good Website Pays Off

Have you been wondering if you need to invest in a professionally designed website? Scratching your head and asking yourself, why investing in a good website pays off? Or IF it pays off? You are not alone; it is the million dollar question in today's web-driven world. Whether you currently sell items online, or you think your product is not sellable online, you should have a website for your business that generates a very positive first impression. "Distinct or Extinct" is a mantra of Tom Peters, business author and speaker, while another industry observer took it one step further by adding a timeline and saying that companies not selling through the internet or via a website by 2017 would probably become extinct in our new economy.

Overall, the internet has leveled the playing field when it comes to competition, but the advantages of investing in a well designed, easy to navigate website that has all the back end bells and whistles to work from mobile devices and be recognized (if not loved) by Google will pay off in ways that will maintain your business today and establish it for the future.

Advantages of  Professionally Designed Website:

  • Establishes your business' image (brand) and professionalism - people will not take your business seriously if you do not have a web presence OR if you have a crummy website that looks like it was built by your cousin in 1998.  Did you know that 78% of consumers will check out your business online before becoming a customer?
  • Ability to do business 24/7 - online shops are open 24 hours a day, year round, even when your business is closed, you can still make sales. Some of my best shopping and biggest purchase decisions are made after 9 pm at night while browsing from my mobile phone!
  • A world-wide presence - your physical brick and mortar location is not an issue, customers can find you wherever you open your door for business.
  • Save time and money - a website can take the place of printed materials. Your products and services are easily and quickly updated, saving operation costs, time and risk of outdated materials.
  • Attract new business - the internet has opened up a whole new set of marketing strategies and data tracking opportunities. Experts can help you capitalize on social media integration and search engine optimization to get your business on the map.
  • Streamline customer support - just by having a FAQs page or blog on your website will answer and solve many customer questions so your staff doesn't have to.
  • Generate revenue with less staff - according to Gartner Research, thirty percent of small businesses with a web presence and fewer than 20 employees now generate more than 25% of their revenue online.

The internet is the perfect venue for today's business, and to take advantage of that opportunity you need a well designed, professional website tailored to your business culture. According to AMR Research more than 1.3$ trillion of goods and services will flow through B2B marketplaces. That statement alone answers the question " why investing in a good website pays off." If you want to "get noticed" and "be remembered" contact us and we will meet your unique goals and exceed your expectations. And here's the icing on the cake - building a new website with all the functionality and features you need will probably cost much less than you think if you work with us at Alternative Advertising. Let us know if you'd like to talk to some of our clients to see how we've helped them!

6 Ways to Make An Impact with Marketing in 2015


There are many ways to make an impact with Marketing in 2015; but as inbound marketing is still be tested for different industries some strategies are falling short while others are proving to be surprisingly successful. We know you don't want uncertainty; that's why we've got 6 sure-fire ways to make an impact with marketing here...

1. Email Marketing

Although technology has come a long way in the realm of marketing, do not discount the power of promotional marketing via email. Based on a recent Forbes article, email marketing scored pretty low on the level of difficulty involved with set up and managing, yet it was still considered effective. Automated tools like Greenrope make email marketing a snap. And if you are already writing content for blogs, the heavy lifting is already being done. You can setup automated email summaries of your blog posts in a snap, even if you don't write new material for emails.

2. Landing Pages

AKA the online sales brochure is creating mega waves on the digital marketing scene under the umbrella of "inbound marketing." Landing pages offer a two prong approach. First, a landing page allows a visitor to focus on one product or service without the hassle of navigating on their own for more information. Everything they need to know including making the purchase is on one page. Second, creating multiple landing pages for specific targeted audiences increases effectiveness in your marketing efforts. You can deliver the specific content your buyer persona is looking for, and direct them where you'd like them to go next in their exploration and purchasing process.

3. Direct Mail

With digital marketing all the craze, you'd be surprised how a laser-focused direct mail campaign can make a big impact. We've had success with several clients choosing a very small list of high-potential customers and sending an upscale or 3D mailer that truly gets noticed. The win with this option is that your segmented audience is more likely to read information when it is physically in their hands, especially when the direct mail has personalization or a 3D aspect you can't ignore. This option does require more research but tends to drive big results.

4. Social Media

Target audiences where they spend their time - people are on social media, all the time, all over the world, and for various reasons. Social Media Marketing is one method that most campaigns should not go without if your audience is socially active. Whether you manage this internally or hire a pro to do it for you, the power of social media continues to increase and there are no signs of it losing traction any time soon. The trick with social media is to research where your target audience hangs out and then learn everything about that platform including best times of the day to post and optimal frequency. Social media can provide the most effective way to build relationships and connect directly to actual customers. The kicker with social media is transparency - we recommend using this to your advantage and if someone posts a complaint, address is quickly and directly so the world can see that you care and are attentive. When added to your promotional marketing arsenal make sure you have the proper team to post, tweet, and pin consistently as well as offer timely responses to your fans and followers.

5. Content Marketing

Creating awesome share-worthy content is the third leg of marketing. People want information and they want it all the time. But they do not just want information, they want valuable information geared toward the proper stage of their buyer's journey or their specific interests. Content marketing is the path to building trust with your audience. It's about providing the information your ideal customer is looking for - not just cramming goods and services down their throats. Your website designer should keep this in mind. Marketing is also about providing a positive personal experience, which makes content marketing and traditional marketing a powerful duo. People love to feel valued and will reward companies with their business when they feel they have received value even before opening their wallets.

6. Blogging

This brings us to the twin sister of content marketing - Blogging. Blogging is not only the mirror image of content marketing, it is a powerful search engine optimization tool. Written correctly with well researched target keywords in place, each blog is a tiny line of bait in a vast sea of content that may pull your ideal customer to your site. Consistent blogging about topics that interest your customers will build trust and relationships with potential customers.

If you have any marketing or sales questions, comments or feedback, please contact us at Alternative Advertising. We'd love to chat!