The Internet Killed Our Attention Spans (And What Businesses Can Do About It)

Back in 1979 we were told "video killed the radio star" in a catchy song. Now in 2015, we need a new tune... Something like "internet killed the attention span." Hmm. Not as catchy, but a sad and frustrating truth none the less: businesses have less time than ever to pitch their products in the digital world -- and that little window of time has taken a death spiral in recent years. A customer's point of focus bounces across the Internet like a stone skipping across water.

According to Digital -- and their citation from Not Quite the Average: An Empirical Study of Web Use from Statistic Brain -- the average attention span was down to 8 seconds by 2013 and 17% of page views are 4 seconds or less.

What Businesses Can Do: Analyze Well, Then Deliver

What does this all mean? It means there's little room for error when pursuing the end goal of marketing: knowing your customers well, knowing where to find your customers, and then knowing how to craft a message that hits their flashing red button -- that trigger that moves them to action -- quickly enough to override our culture's sickly attention span.

The 3D Approach: Preparing for Powerful First Impressions

The effective sales strategies of our 3D approach -- Discover, Develop, and Deploy -- teach a valuable lesson about why some businesses overcome the Attention Span Deficit and some do not. In the long-term, desperate, gimmicky tactics can't sustain success. Sale strategies must prepare for that first impression -- those precious few seconds where a prospect has landed on your site or social media page -- by using the right kind of preparation.

That's exactly Alternative Advertising does. We first Discover our customers: we learn their industries thoroughly, analyze their specific challenges, and pinpoint what sets them apart. We then Develop extraordinary solutions that ensure powerful first impressions for our customers' online presence. And then we Deploy: we launch, monitor, and measure those solutions to guarantee that they are not just powerful but successful first impressions for our customers.

Overcoming short attention spans online is not unlike preparing for an in-person sales meeting. The top salespeople never go into those meetings unprepared. They do their homework, they prepare their materials, they choose their closing approach and rehearse, and they learn everything they need to learn about the prospect.

And then they go into the meeting feeling confident and ready to succeed. They've put a tremendous amount of work into that first impression.

The Internet is nothing more than a multitude of virtual sales meetings -- millions upon millions of them in digital space -- and these first impressions come and go as quickly as your eye blinks; but you still prepare for those first impressions as hard as you would for an in-person meeting.

Contact us for more details about how we can help your business prepare for those first impressions online with the proven success of our 3D approach.