New Insights into Website Best Practices

When focusing on website effectiveness and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) there are many factors to consider - many of which we've blogged about in the past regarding mobile friendliness and blogging for improved SEO. So let's explore some new insights on website best practices and some SEO factors most people don't think of immediately.

Clean URLs

Have you ever noticed that some URL's look extremely messy, filled with numbers and letters that make no sense? This is not an ideal situation, because a string of random numbers and letters will not tell your prospects or Google a lot about your page. The popular website builder, Wix, is currently known for this. They use programming that requires messy urls. For example, here is a common url for a live site built in Wix:!grid/c1pwt  - Normally a url for a page like this would look more like:

We recommend staying away from website builders that use messy urls so Google recognizes your pages and especially your blog. 

Touch Screen Readiness

With the advent of mobile, your website needs to be optimized for smartphones. We've thoroughly covered the importance of mobile websites in blog posts from May, late April and early April. But aside from building a site in a responsive theme, one of the most crucial aspects of making your website mobile-friendly, is making sure the vital buttons on your website are large, so they can easily be pushed by people who are using smartphones. For instance, the button that returns visitors to your homepage should be large and easy to push, even on a smartphone that is less than 5 inches.

Also, drop down menus from top navigation links are not ideal for mobile-friendliness and should be avoided or rebuilt in a responsive web design. And phone numbers should be touch-to-call on mobile devices to create a positive user experience.

Page Loading Time

In today's age of instant gratification and busyness, your website pages need to load lightning fast. If they don't, you will lose visitors and they are unlikely to come back. In fact, studies show 25% of visitors will abandon your page if it doesn't load in at least 4 seconds. We recommend testing your pages using free resources like Google PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom.

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