Mobilegeddon - the Latest Proof of Mobile Website Importance


If you've been following our blog or website news in general, you know that April 21, 2015 is an important date for web developers around the globe. That's when search engine giant Google will officially use mobile-friendliness in its algorithm to determine search rankings.

But as marketers everywhere are scrambling to ensure they won't be penalized by the algorithm update, it's just the latest example of why a mobile website is so important. Internet trends throughout the United States suggest the same thing.

The Rise of Mobile

The days of desktop computers being the main vehicle to the internet are long gone. We reached the tipping point when mobile internet usage overtook its stationary counterpart over a year ago, and the gap is only widening. Today, some studies suggest that no less than 60% of all internet usage comes from a mobile device.

Those trends become even more impressive when you break down the specifics. As it turns out, smartphone internet usage alone is now outpacing desktop usage, while apps like Google Search (which account for about 85% of mobile internet usage) are doing the same. Add to that the considerable usage on browsers and tablets, and it's difficult to imagine a future where mobile usage decreases even a bit.

Google's Update

Of course, Google is well aware of these trends. The search engine's stated purpose is to "focus on the user and all else will follow" and if that user is searching on a mobile device, Google wants to offer the most relevant and easily accessible websites possible.

Marketers may grind their teeth every time the industry giant releases a new algorithm update that leads to potential punishments. But looking at Mobilegeddon from a user-centric point of view and keeping the current trends in mind, optimizing your website for mobile devices is beneficial and even necessary to thrive in a competitive market place.

Add to that the fact that 93% of all internet experiences start with a search engine and Google owns nearly 68% of that market, and it's easy to see why Mobilegeddon and everything it represents should matter to you. Mobile friendliness is no longer an option - it's a must.

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