How to Pump Up Your Snow Removal or Landscaping Website

Now that Spring is in the air it's time for Snow Removal Companies to take a breath and re-examine their website's effectiveness and a last chance opportunity for Landscape Companies to pump up their sites before the busy season kicks off. So where do you focus? And why should you care?

Whether you operate a landscaping or snow removal business, you need a website. It's that simple, really. Well-designed websites help attract and inform customers, ultimately becoming a crucial part of any marketing efforts. On the most basic level, a website establishes credibility and makes your business "real" to those who haven't heard of it before. But because 97% of internet users (all 2.4 billion of them) now go online to search for and shop at local businesses, a good website will make a direct impact on your bottom line.

Which raises the question: what makes a website "good?" How do you know if your website is actually successful or not? Allow us to help. Here are 5 things every landscaping or snow removal company's website should include:

1) Clean Design

Above all, your website should be attractive to your audience. That means a clean design, not cluttered with advertisements but concise and, if possible, visual. Simplicity is key, so try to make each page as simple as possible while still conveying all the information about your business that you need. That simplicity also helps with faster page load times, which is a major factor in how fast your users abandon your website.

2) Calls to Action

Though you should avoid clutter whenever possible, there's one crucial part you should have on every page: the call to action. That's the button or contact form users fill out to take the next step, whether that's applying for a snow removal plan or taking advantage of a landscaping promotion. All content on each page should be optimized specifically to convince users that the call to action is the correct next step for them. 

3) Service Separation

If you offer more than a single service in a single service area, be sure to separate pages based on services and service areas, for several reasons. First, you won't confuse users by listing multiple service areas. That, in turn, allows you to focus on a single call to action on each page, which is specifically optimized for that service. Speaking of which, separating service areas into different pages is also crucial for the next point...

4) SEO Optimization

Each page should be optimized for a specific, well-researched keyword or phrase relating directly to the content on that page. "Snow removal in [suburb]" may a great long-tail keyword for a page focusing specifically on that service and area, but won't work for landscaping in a different service area. Optimizing for search engines means researching just which phrases users are looking for to find your business, then optimizing the pages on your website around those phrases by offering relevant content. 

5) Strategic Development

Finally, a successful website is more than just a static artifact of your business. As you learn more about browsing behavior by your users, you should continuously seek to tweak and improve your website to better match your target audience. A great way to do so is using SEO reports, which can help you adjust and improve your search engine optimization efforts over time.

Are you a snow removal or landscaping business in need of an effective website? Contact Alternative Advertising and we'll help you create a website that significantly improves your business.