How Marketing Automation Benefits a Business and Increases Productivity

When you narrow it down, marketing automation is really all about optimization no matter if it is simply improving the marketer's production or enhancing the customer's overall experience. Frequently, people are misled by the 'automation' of this form of marketing.  They believe it to be revolved around automating tasks only. It is much more than this. It brings together your channels, data and relationships to authentically connect with your customers.

Statistics show that marketing automation benefits a business in various ways including:

  • Offering a lead conversion rate of up to 107%
  • Offering an average deal size of 40% or greater
  • Offering a team achievement of quota of 20% or higher
  • Offering a 17% better forecast accuracy

Automating marketing tasks enables marketers to be more productive with less time and resources and easily justify investing in this type of service. Below are only a few benefits of marketing automation which show how it helps marketers to simplify their life and grow their business.

Marketing Automation Improves Productivity and Reduces Stress.

Being a marketer, you probably often feel as though you never have enough time to get all the things done that you need as well as try new things. Regardless if you are just starting out or are an already established fast-growing business, the resource of time seems to be the hardest to come by. How much do you think you could benefit from automating the tedious tasks like sending out emails, qualifying leads and more?  With marketing automation, you can scale up your messaging efforts and still deliver messages that are personalized and speak directly to a customer's needs. Think of it as adding another member to your organization by allowing you to automate mindless tasks and scale personalization all while freeing your time to concentrate on higher-level strategies.

Automating Marketing Increases Customer Retention.

In order for a business to constantly grow, there needs to be a balance between customer retention and acquisition. Although the act of bringing in new customers can be exciting, it does cost much less to retain existing ones.  When it comes to retaining customers, one particular effective use of marketing automation is in its marketing intelligence. It can provide relevant insight into both prospective and existing customer intent. With this data, more companies can predict customer decisions and needs which enable them to act accordingly while saving time.

Better Relationship Marketing Is Built From Highly Personalized, Frequent Contact.

Relationship marketing is a type of marketing where you focus on bringing in higher customer satisfaction scores and better retention rates. The lasting relationships between company and customer opens up for brand engender word-of-mouth promotion and repeat sales which make this type of marketing very powerful.  With marketing automation, businesses are able to personalize their relationships with each of their leads, prospects and customers through relevant strategies like lead qualifying and nurturing, digital footprint analysis, sales and marketing alignment, trigger campaigns and lead scoring models.

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