Event Promotion Tips Using Social Media

Social media is an often overlooked but incredibly useful tool for promoting your business events. Whether you're hosting an open house for valued customers or drumming up participants in a non-profit fundraiser, use these social media event promotion tips to attract attendees:

  • Establish a virtual street team: Just like a more traditional promotion campaign, your social media promotion needs feet on the ground to get the word out. Give your employees and other members of your inside network all the details about your event along with the date that you want to start promoting it. This way they can share the information on their social media pages and attract a larger audience than your business can on its own.
  • Create your event with details: Facebook and Eventbrite are popular sites to use to create an event. Be sure to include all the pertinent information that people need such as location (with a map link), time (both beginning and ending, even if it's approximate), cost, dress code if there is one, parking information, and whether or not there will be food. People like to know what they're getting into, so the more details the better. 
  • Link to a firm RSVP page if necessary: If your event necessitates a firm RSVP, make that information clear and include a link that people can access to make their commitment. If you're selling tickets, make it clear that the event requires a ticket and include a link where people can purchase their ticket and/or information on where they can buy a ticket in person. 
  • Engage with your event page: Even the most detailed invitation will conjure up questions. Be sure you're checking your event page frequently and responding to questions and comments with enthusiasm. 
  • Update as it gets closer: Include any necessary updates throughout your event planning stage, and make sure your page is fully updated with the correct date, time, and location as it gets closer. Adding pictures as teasers is one way to create buzz and generate enthusiasm for the event.
  • Keep updating throughout the event: Keep the buzz going even after your event doors have opened! Hashtags are a great way to keep promoting your event as it's happening. Encourage attendees to use a particular hashtag when they post pictures or status updates about your event. Update your business's social media pages with pictures and status updates about the event so that people who missed out will know what to expect from your future events.

Never underestimate the power of your social media network when it comes to promoting your business. When done correctly, social media can be your best asset for event promotion. For more ideas on how to promote your event online, contact us today!