5 Reasons Infographics Will Boost Your Business

(source:  infolicious ; via  visual.ly )

(source: infolicious; via visual.ly)

Visuals have always been a huge part of social media since its rise in the 21st Century. Photos, graphs, creative graphics, and artwork have graced the marketing ploys and blogs of businesses everywhere; but are these one-dimensional visuals always enough?

Well-planned and executed infographics, made up of creative graphics and informational text, can act as an unbelievable boost for an article or a stand-alone visual that consumers will connect with quickly.

Here's why your business would benefit from taking the time to research, plan, and execute targeted infographics.

  1. Visual displays of information are adept at bridging language barriers and help connect to audiences all over the world. In the concluding paragraph of a study titled "Teaching with Infographics" the researchers found that, "using graphic representations and visual data enables users to communicate a message that can be perceived widely across diverse audiences."
  2. They can also bridge the gap between different disciplines as stated and expanded upon in the same study. "Visual digital literacy competencies are essential for 21st Century learners," kicks off the summary of their entire study.
  3. Infographics also counter information overload, which has become more prominent in the age of the Internet. A study conducted by the University of Applied Science Utrecht found that, "several studies have shown that infographics and visualized information can counter this problem of information overload as visualizations can help people understand complex information." Intricate subjects broken down and displayed in a more creative manner will flow better for the reader.
  4. More traffic for your business. Google searches for "infographics" shot up by more than 800% in just over two years from 2010 - 2012. The average trend for Google searches on infographics has done nothing but increase over the last few years and will not likely die out in the near future.
  5. Get your message across faster - based on this study and the Visual Teaching Alliance, brains process visual information at a rate 60,000 times faster than textual info. How many more customers could you reach at those speeds?

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