5 Compelling Lead Magnet Offers to Improve Your Subscriber Opt-In Rates


Generating leads daily is perhaps one of the most important goals of your small business, especially when using online marketing strategies. It’s safe to say that when there are no leads, there are no sales! The key is to take steps towards growing a list of hot, qualified prospects to feed your sales funnel where your email marketing campaign takes over to build rapport, share value, and move your prospects closer to the buying decision… making the sale.

How do you create a list of hot, qualified prospects? The best way is through lead magnets where the goal is to maximize the number of leads you are getting in exchange for a value-rich offer.

What are Lead Magnets?

Think of lead magnets as free, valuable giveaways that are attractive to your market. In other words, your offer solves a specific problem or need for knowledge that your ideal customer has and you are giving clear instructions (in the offer) that guides them towards the resolution.

Other names for lead magnets include sign up incentives, opt-in forms, sign up offers, content upgrades, freemiums, and many more terms. They all do the same thing: provide a free incentive for your audience to subscribe to your list!

What are the advantages of using Lead Magnets?

The primary benefit of lead magnets is to build your list of leads… period. Secondly, it’s another way to give value to your audience so you are consistently viewed as the expert and go-to person in your niche. It cements your authority and provides a way for you to share your expertise with the market place.

5 compelling Lead Magnets you can use right away

1. Checklists

People absolutely love checklists as it provides a quick and easy guide to help complete a task fast! These “cheat sheets” do not require a lot of time or research to create. Just consider those potentially mundane yet necessary tasks your prospects might need to accomplish and create a checklist that helps them complete their task with ease.

2. Webinar Trainings

These types of visual trainings are excellent giveaways because the subscriber feels they will glean a ton of value from it - and they really should! Think about the most common problems your market faces and illustrate the solution in a webinar or training video. There is so much information that your company has to share… why not do it in a live webinar presentation where multiple people can join in and learn and it can be recorded for future use?

3. Video/Audio Boot Camp

Another excellent lead magnet source where you take a relatively longer topic and break it up over a series of webinars or videos. This beats having one relatively long webinar training whereas a "boot camp" series allows your audience to focus on one element at a time within the overall header topic.

4. Infographics

Visual representations of your content, or infographics, provide several benefits including quickly connecting with different audiences, improving content retention, and ultimately, increasing traffic to your site. In fact, infographics serve as a great “article booster” giving readers a pictorial guide into the written text. Studies have shown that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual! This is an awesome lead magnet!

5. Downloadable PDF

Reports and guides are perhaps amongst the more common sources of lead magnets. The key to their success is to make sure that it is relevant and specific to the topic at hand. You want the resource to be congruent to what your audience is already viewing… the PDF will give more in depth information and save them a ton of time and research.

What to do next

Now that you have a strong understanding of lead magnets, how they work, and ideas to create them, start implementing this information in your content to increase your quality leads right away. Nothing happens until you take action. These tips provide a solid foundation to building a targeted, subscriber list that will grow your organization with proper email marketing. And remember, keep it simple. Your lead magnets should have a clean and simple design that doesn't overwhelm your audience.

A long and complex Lead Magnet will likely convert poorly. You simply need to solve a specific problem with a specific solution for a specific segment of your market.
— Ryan Deiss at digitalmarketer.com

If you have any questions regarding how to improve your business marketing and branding, please contact us at Alternative Advertising. We’d be happy to help!