5 Blogging Tips Every Business Should Use


Having a blog on your website has become something of a necessity in today's Internet marketplace. Customers expect to see a blog, and a well-written blog can pull a lot of fresh eyes on your site by generating interest in topics that your potential customers want to read about and by helping you rank better with search engines. That said a bad blog can be a turn-off, and it can have the exact opposite effect that you're looking for.

Here are some blogging tips to help make your investment in blogging profitable.


Blog Tip #1: Create Evergreen Content

When you create a blog, ask yourself how long people are going to find your content relevant. If you write an entry that's really popular today, will it still draw people in next week? Or next month? A review of the hottest movie might be good for a little while, but when that title drops out of the news that entry will stop drawing readers. An entry about how to create a certain makeup effect is more likely to remain a constant draw because the information in the entry never goes stale.

Blog Tip #2: Be Consistent

People like being able to count on a blog or see that you care enough to write frequently. It shows perseverance, helpfulness and stability. So if you say you're going to update once a week on Saturday then make sure you hold to that schedule. According to Josh Catone, an industry leading blogger, if you keep missing your update time then readers are going to get frustrated and stop checking back with you as regularly. In time, this might lead to some readers deciding to just go somewhere else for the content they want.

Blog Tip #3: Use Attention Grabbing Headlines and Pictures

The first things readers are going to notice for your blog are your headlines and your images. You know the old cliche, but it's true: A picture is worth a thousand words. In fact, studies show that readers only retain 20% of what they read as text, and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual (source: visual.ly). And obviously if you have a catchy image it's going to draw the eye.

An intriguing headline, particularly one that has keywords that will be searched regularly by your ideal customer, will help your blog show up in more search results and help drive traffic to your site. 

Blog Tip #4: Promote Your Blog

Even if you write a great blog full of useful content it won't make any difference if you don't tell anyone about it according to marketing expert Jeff Bullas. Whether you use social media promotion, PPC advertising, inbound linking, word of mouth, putting your blog address on your business cards, etc. you need to get the word out. Once people see your blog and start reading they'll come back on their own, but you need to make an active effort to engage them in the first place.

Blog Tip #5: Create Good Content

There are a lot of bells and whistles that go into a blog, from pictures and videos to buzzwords and an attractive layout. That said, you need a core of solid, relevant content, or all you're doing is presenting a lot of fluff. Readers can tell the difference between good content that's been made up to look nicer, and bad content that you're trying to disguise with distractions. Make sure your content is what your customers want to read about. Post tips, educate your potential customers, have a goal for every blog post you create. Ask yourself: What is a problem they might be having and then write your blog post to help them with a solution.

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