Get Noticed with 3D Direct Mail Campaigns

It may be that you're completely sold on the idea of 3D direct mail campaigns but you're also not quite sure how you should proceed with your own campaign. What kind of 3D "prop" do you want? What will appeal to people in your target market?

If that's where you're at, then you might need a little inspiration. Here's how three companies creatively used 3D direct mail campaigns with big results. Maybe these examples will get your creative juices flowing...

Advertising Agency:  Publimark, San Jose, Costa Rica

Advertising Agency: Publimark, San Jose, Costa Rica

The San Jose Blood Bank - To encourage people in the area to donate blood, the San Jose Blood Bank handed out a flier showing a man's arm outstretched, as if to give blood. However, the company wrapped that flier around a rolled up newspaper and used a rubber band to keep the whole thing together. The result: The rubber band looked like a tourniquet wrapped around the man's arm. The whole marketing package was a visual that probably left a lasting impression in the minds of many of its recipients.

The NFL - The National Football League used a clever 3D direct mail campaign to encourage companies to advertise during football games. The company sent CEOs a box that looked like it contained a soccer ball. On top of the box was a message that read: "Inside is the ball 28.5 million US Hispanics truly identify with." Upon opening the box, the CEO noticed a football, not a soccer ball, inside. Message received!

Advertising Agency:  DDB Group, Milan, Italy

Advertising Agency: DDB Group, Milan, Italy

LavOnline - A cleaning company named LavOnline sent out a 3D direct mail that consisted of a little squishy tomato. The box in which the tomato was sent unfolded into a T-shirt. The person who received the box could throw the tomato at the shirt, creating a "splatter" effect. However, after a few seconds, the tomato would assume its original shape, removing the "stain."

3D visualizations of product presentations could have a significant impact on consumers’ brand attitudes and purchase intentions for the products being presented.
— Dan Grigorovici and Corina Constantin (

Not to toot our own horn, but at Alternative Advertising, we've done quite a few 3D Direct Mail Campaigns ourselves. Here are just a few:

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